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The original Loveline basket

The original Loveline basket


The original Loveline basket, I just love having a few of these baskets around my house. They are great for adding a touch of color to a playroom or kitchen and work well as a catch-all when entering your home.

This basket is 10 inches in diameter and 3 inches in height and comes in 5 lovely colors but if you don't see a color that you love, send me a message with the color that you would like.


Continue reading if you would like to hear how the name of my company came about.


The original Loveline basket. The short version of how I came up with the name for my company. 5 and 1/2 years ago when I started making baskets I was not making them to sell I was just making them to help me deal with the beginning stages of grief after our son died. I had stacks of baskets everywhere, one day my friend Kate said " You should sell some of those Gallit so that you can keep making them".  I got a big stack of baskets together I found a store that would like to sell them but the problem was I did not have a name for my company. I was scheduled to drop off the baskets the next day and I said to my husband I don't know what to call my company and I need tags he said to call it" needle thread fabric". I did and for over a year that was the name of my company. I knew that it was not the name that I wanted that it did not have the meaning to me that I needed, but I also knew that if I were patient, it would come to me. I was preparing for a craft show when I decided to put colored thread on my neutral cord I was feeling very sad during that time and chose to put a heart right in the middle, and I called it my love line. Within days I knew that I had found the name of my company. These baskets in a sense were holding me together they were allowing me to pour my love into my work, they were in a way my lifeline. I changed my name to Loveline Baskets and it has remained the same. I love the name of my company and I still feel that my baskets hold me together, They allow me to pour my love for Elon into my work. Elon's sixth birthday is coming up very soon and I have been missing him so much. I have decided that it is time to start making these baskets again. 




The Original Loveline basket

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